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Higher Wages | Better Benefits

Every day, hard-working employees in our district spend 40+ hours every week benefiting their employer and growing the economy. The median household income for the 4th is $53,036 -- $6,003 less, or 10% lower, than the national average. Families in the first coast and across our country are living paycheck to paycheck. They pray that they do not get laid off and lose their health insurance. Christopher Eagle will fight to save the middle class.

In 2017, Amazon paid ZERO federal income tax through tax credits and tax breaks. How much did you pay in federal income taxes that year? As your congressman, I will write and support legislation that has companies and individuals making billions pay their fair share. With this money, we can afford to expand Medicaid to all, raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, and create a better and brighter future for our children. Too long we have been divided by those who benefit from giant tax breaks and exorbitant wealth. We must come together to build a strong middle class and lift up those from poverty in our community and country. My biggest commitment is to make your paycheck bigger and your benefits better -- all I need is your vote!

The Committee to Elect Christopher Eagle
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